Roof Tile Texture Tutorial

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Do you feel like your procedural textures lack an artistic flair? Do you get stuck sometimes without a clue on how to make specific shapes in Substance? Do you want to expand your texturing arsenal with time-proven techniques?

Then this tutorial is for you.

Even if you are only familiar with Substance Designer, it pays off to know how to make textures "by hand". Doing so will create new connections in your brain, leading to new insights, and to you developing your own personal texturing style.

If this resonates with you, I challenge you to follow this hour and a half tutorial and create your own texture!


In this tutorial, I start by modeling one individual tile and then arranging it in an interesting way. I then bake separate maps in Xnormal, and finish the texture in Photoshop, by using a combination of photos and hand-painting.


If you are familiar with other software, such as Zbrush and Substance, you should be able to integrate them in different parts of the workflow (for example, you can leverage SD's procedural tools to create masks, and Zbrush to sculpt the individual tiles).

This workflow can be used to create all sorts of textures: Sidewalks, stone or brick walls, tile floors, you name it.

This is how I create most of my textures for Overwatch, and the goal of this tutorial is to teach how to make hand-crafted textures like this.

Software used

Maya, Photoshop, nDO, XNormal


Basic knowledge of a 3D modeling package and Photoshop.

What's included?

  • 1.5+ hour of fully narrated content 
  • Photoshop actions/Maya scripts used 
  • Source files
  • Free bonus video: How to Model Tiling Textures (16 minutes)

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1.5+ hour of fully narrated content + Photoshop actions/Maya scripts used + Source files + Bonus video: How to Model Tiling Textures (16 minutes)

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Roof Tile Texture Tutorial

62 ratings
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