Environment Art Mastery

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Environment Art Mastery

Thiago Klafke
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Want to Master 3D Environment Art?

Design Immersive Gaming Experiences that Get You Noticed, with the Environment Art Mastery Course!

The Environment Art Mastery course framework will give your 3D design skills the edge you need – regardless of what stage you’re at in your journey. Led by me, veteran 3D environment artist Thiago Klafke, I’ll show you how to bring your ideas to life. With my easy-to-implement techniques for creating beautiful 3D environments, you can develop the most memorable 3D environments imaginable!

If you want an easier way to create 3D environments and bridge the gaps in your knowledge, then this 3D Art Environment Design Tutorial is for you. The course breaks down each stage of 3D environment development, focusing on one aspect at a time:

If you’re just starting out as a 3D environment artist, you’ll cultivate good practices early and save yourself YEARS of frustration and mistakes.

If you’re a seasoned pro, this course will help you sharpen your 3d level creation techniques to much higher levels!

Welcome to Environment Art Mastery’s Imagination Station!

There’s no limit to what our imagination can conceive, but inspiring our creative thinking and approach is where it all begins. When projects end up feeling like a chore, you’re more likely to give up... I know, because I’ve been there before. While creating the Spanish Town, there were moments when I felt utterly defeated. You can read more about my experience here to understand how projects like this don’t just test our skills, but our character too.

This is all part of the process. My 3D art environment design tutorial teaches you strategies to overcome the most common causes of project abandonment. Usually, a lack of vision, poor foundation in knowledge, and complexity are among the most common reasons.

If you want to invest in your future, then I’m ready to take the next step with you. With the right resources and attitude, you can achieve anything!

📚 Learn how to:

  • Unlock your innate creativity and ideation ability to come up with original ideas that resonate with you
  • Build a solid level foundation that is easy to finalize with beautiful art assets
  • Be able to tackle the entire environment art process: From generating ideas to putting the last finishing touches and optimization
  • Develop a personal, adaptable workflow to create all kinds of 3D environments
  • Use programs like Adobe Substance 3D, Photoshop, ZBrush, and xNormal to paint beautiful stylized textures
  • Optimize your workflows and work more efficiently and creatively than ever

...and much more!

*Results Guaranteed

The content of my course is based on several successful mentorship programs that I’ve held, helping up-and-coming 3D artists achieve excellent results in a short amount of time – but they have to be prepared to keep chipping away at it! These are also the same methods I’ve used to create everything from personal projects to iconic 3D environments that are internationally recognized.

* Environment Art Mastery arms you with all the tools and techniques you need to succeed as a top 3D environment artist in the highly competitive gaming industry. All you need is a burning desire, dedication, and hard work to make the best of the knowledge provided!

🔊 Testimonials

"Tapping into a wealth of experience and a passion for real-time environments, Thiago has assembled a treasure trove of resources to help anyone improve their skills in the craft! Whether just starting or industry vet, there will be something for everyone.  I find the magic is in how he simplifies the process of authoring virtual worlds so you can focus on your epic ideas rather than technical troubleshooting and bug fixing."
Travis Castillo - Principal Environment Artist at Tencent

"After decades of honing the arts of videogame level design, 3d environment art and engaging in its community, Thiago brings us years of (tribal) knowledge distilled down to a single video course. With ever changing workflows, world building for the latest technology of game engines, this is what I dreamt of having when I was starting my career, so you can accomplish more by focusing on the right fundamental information to kickstart your own journey in world building!"
Helder Pinto - Lead Environment Artist at Blizzard

"Hands down the best tutorial for stylized environment art. In this course, Thiago explains the core concepts of environment art workflows to kickstart your career. You will you learn detailed techniques for every step and get an easy to follow breakdown of the decision making process for creating stunning environments. At the end, you`ll have the skills needed to recreate the Spanish town or to build your own, unique worlds."
Simon Fuchs - Artist at Valve

🎥 Deep dive

🍨 Try a Sample

If you are curious about the tutorial and watch a free sample here.

💿 Standard Edition

A complete guide to creating all kinds of 3D environments.

Learn to develop original ideas, plan and design maps with an efficient workflow, and convert your work into a finished environment using tiling textures, lighting, set dressing, and more!


  • Full 3d environment art creation course
  • Level design tools for fast ideation
  • Unreal 5 master materials

💻 Advanced Edition

Everything from the Standard Edition and more!

The Professional Edition adds video classes, breakdowns, and narrated time lapses of me working on different aspects of the Spanish Town environment. These offer invaluable insights into how the techniques presented in the courses were applied and contain most of my "secrets" to making good-looking environments. Many extra tutorials on texturing.


  • Standard Edition content
  • Spanish Town-specific videos & Timelapses
  • Stylized Texturing Tutorial – an 8hr+ guide on creating stylized tiling textures in Adobe Substance 3D and Unreal 5
  • Environment art tools – Adobe Substance 3D tools, Photoshop brushes, and actions
  • Bonus: One recording/presentation of a live session from the Master Edition

🔮 Master Edition

Everything from the Advanced Edition + Live Support!

Follow the course on your own, with 1:1 guidance as needed, PLUS inspiration from our community. Receive all of the above AND all the source files and tools I used to create the Spanish Town. The Master Edition offers insane value and is quite possibly one of the best investments you can make to shortcut your evolution as an environment artist.


  • Monthly video calls to help you with everything from building your skills to growing your career! Includes one monthly presentation + Q&A and group mentorship.
  • Access to our Discord community
  • Participate in an open forum for group mentorship, support, and general Q&A
  • All Source files and custom tools used to create the Spanish Town.

💵 Institutional Edition

For game studios, commercial learning institutions, and for-profit organizations.

Contains all the video files, that can be distributed freely within one location of your organization.

🧗‍♀️ Upgrading versions

Upgrade your package and only pay the difference! All you need to do is purchase the next edition, email me from the same account you used to buy your original package, and I’ll refund the previous purchase.

💸 Moneyback guarantee

I know that if you put in the effort, you’ll be able to master 3D environments and design immersive gaming experiences that CAN and WILL get you seen by the right people. If, however, you decide that the Environment Art Mastery course method isn’t for you, please let me know within 30 days, and I’ll refund you in full.

💲✂️ How about sales?

I get asked often if the course will be on sale on special dates, such as Black Friday, Christmas, Labor Day etc... The answer is no. Not only would that be extremely unfair to anyone who paid full price, but I stand by the value the course provides. There's enough content here to last a long time, and even more will be added over time.

If you decide to make the purchase it is because you are serious about making an investment in your future. If you work hard, you will make back your investment many times over, by getting access to better jobs, higher salaries, and being a more sought-after developer. Paying full price will also motivate you to work hard and achieve the results you are seeking. And lastly, knowing that the tutorial will not be on sale will give us all peace of mind.

Have a question? Get in touch!

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