Make an Office In Unreal 4 - Complete Package

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Create Complex 3D Modular Environments Using Simple Techniques!

Making environments from scratch can often be a daunting task. There are infinite ways to accomplish something and endless techniques to learn. Sometimes, we don't have a clear idea about what to make and get stuck. Or most often, we work in inefficient ways that cost us wasted time, resources, and patience.

To answer those and many other questions, I created this tutorial.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to make a stylish office environment in Unreal 4, using straightforward techniques that anyone can understand. I recorded my ENTIRE process, every single click and technique, so you can follow along and learn some of my secrets.

You can use these techniques to create any kind of interior environment. Your imagination is the limit!

Topics covered

  • Modular environment design, and how you can speed up creation by reusing pieces smartly.
  • Creating tileable PBR materials in Photoshop. (If you are familiar with Substance designer or Quixel Mixer, you should have no problem integrating it with this workflow)
  • Baking tiling textures from simple high poly meshes.
  • Creating simple props by using the same materials and trims.
  • Lighting and Post-Processing.
  • My thoughts on environment creation.

Software used: Autodesk Maya, Adobe Photoshop, Unreal Engine 4, XNormal.

Note: If you are familiar with other 3d packages, like 3ds Max or Blender, you should have no problem at all following along. The techniques are fully compatible.

This premium package includes

  • About 27 hours of video content (almost all videos have a brief narration in the beginning)
  •  A comprehensive manual explaining each chapter in detail
  • ALL Unreal 4 project files (that you can use commercially or in your projects!)
  • ALL source files (FBX, Maya, PSD, TGA - that you can modify and use as you see fit)
  • Photoshop actions and brushes

Over a thousand happy customers have acquired this tutorial so far! Here's a small sample of works inspired by it:

Nikita Yashukov

Alexander Paddock

Alex Martin

Learn the best techniques to make modular environments, and take your environment art game to the next level!

Thiago Klafke 

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Everything from Basic version + ALL project source files! (Unreal 4 project files, map file, PSDs, TGAs, FBX, etc...)


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Make an Office In Unreal 4 - Complete Package

81 ratings
I want this!